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10:28:25, Thursday, 24 Apr 2014


Heads of UN peacekeeping Mission in Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire meet with both Governments in Liberia

The Heads of the United Nations Missions in Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI) and Liberia (UNMIL), along with Government officials from both nations, met on the 5th of April 2013 in Monrovia to discuss current border security and humanitarian issues as well as reconciliation and bilateral cooperation between Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire with the support of UNMIL and UNOCI. They also reviewed the implementation of recommendations of their previous Quadripartite meeting, which took place on 13 June 2012 in Abidjan.


The Heads of UNOCI and UNMIL commended both Governments for organizing the meeting. “The UN Security Council last September noted with satisfaction the increasing cooperation between the neighboring Governments, and the two UN Missions, in coordinating security and judicial activities in the border areas,” said UNMIL SRSG Karin Landgren, “I am pleased to report the continued support of the UN, including to Operation Restore Hope; and to strengthened border patrolling, including the shared use by UNMIL and UNOCI of three armed helicopters.”


SRSG Landgren also informed the meeting that Security Council members expressed appreciation for the efforts made by the two Governments, while noting the continued fragility in the border area. “Their call to your Governments to develop and to implement a shared border strategy remains valid. In particular, the UN continues to encourage shared engagement on long-term stabilization issues related to development, food security, reconciliation, and land issues, as well as to demobilization, disarmament, and reintegration.”


The Deputy SRSG of UNOCI, Mr Arnauld Akodjenou, for his part, praised the efforts made by the two countries and welcomed "the significant progress made within the framework of collaboration between their security and defense forces." He also suggested to them to "consider launching a communication and outreach campaign targeting the populations living in affected areas, to inform them on their related operations and mechanisms at the regional, national and local level." He also encouraged "investments in the areas of return of refugees" and stressed the importance of "additional measures contributing to the restoration of peace and good neighborly relations, especially the active involvement of local authorities and traditional leaders in civilian border conflict resolution dialogues."


Both Heads of Mission reiterated the United Nations’ full support to the two countries in their joint efforts towards the consolidation of peace and security along the border and in the sub region.

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